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Susan Stewart is an American artist living on Cape Cod.
Born in Norwood, Mass

Susan was a professional classical dancer with the Joffrey Ballet in New York City. She danced as a soloist from 1977 to 1983.

In 1985 she and her husband moved to France where she began her studies at the, Ecole Des Beaux Arts, in Annecy, France. This led to a career in murals, sign painting and as a poster artist. Working for such companies as Cognac Jacquet, Pineaux de Charantes and Bebe King to name a few. She later concentrated on painting and Fine Art.

She recently moved back to the states after 30 years in France and  now lives on Cape Cod.

In her paintings Susan expresses her most poignant memories. She works at creating a harmony between colour, movement and shape, often with a reference to music, society and nature. Ms. Stewarts work asks us to reflect upon the complexities of the human existence in society and nature. She looks back at the past and expresses her memories as if in a dream. They can be fabricated memories and they invite the viewer to dream with her.

Susan's work integrates a meticulous study of art history through dance, literature, music and painting. She is inspired by such artists as Peter Doig & David Hockney. Susans style of painting is considered Magic Realism.

Ms. Stewart has sold much of her work over the internet through her personal site and through Saatchi Art Gallery.
She has shown in Europe and in museums and Art centers in Florida and on Cape Cod.


European shows in France
Muralist for Bebe King & Walibi Parks in France
Poster for Pineaux de Charantes
Provincetown Summer The Commons show 7/20 with On Center Gallery
December 10th- feb 28th 2020 Cape Cod Museum Changing Tides exhibit
Sarasota Art Center May-June 2022 
Sarasota Art Center March 23rd- April 29th 2023

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